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Information Technology Services produces technology news items called TECH Bits geared primarily to Temple University faculty and staff. TECH Bits are distributed via e-mail on a weekly basis during the semester. An archive of these messages appears below. For more information about Temple resources, visit the Faculty or Staff websites.

Format: 2020
Format: 2020-01

Tech Bits: Two Apps to Help You Get Organized: Part 2 - Share Tasks & Collaborate with Others

As we enter the second week of the semester, you may find that you want to work with others on those tasks you created last week in Google Keep and Microsoft Planner. Wondering how you all can stay up-to-date on the latest details of a task, without having to send emails or make phone calls back and forth? Share the task with other team members through the two apps, so you all can collaborate.

Microsoft Planner


Tech Bits: Two Apps to Help You Get Organized: Part 1 - Visualize Your Small and Large Tasks

Looking for a better way to get yourself organized with the new semester starting? Want to successfully keep track of all your upcoming projects, tasks and meetings? Consider using one, or both, of these apps to help you get organized.

Microsoft Planner
Are you a big picture type of person who likes to lay out all the components of a large project or visually manage multiple projects? Consider using Microsoft Planner to help you create a dashboard to see all of your projects components and statuses in one place. To get started:


Tech Bits: Tips to Kick Start Spring 2020 (Students)

We hope you are having a nice winter break, Owls. As the new semester approaches, check out these tips to guide you through the beginning of the spring 2020 semester and help you get started with ease.


Tech Bits: Now is the Worst Time of the Semester to Lose Work (Students)

It's the week before Fall break and you have a great head start on your final paper. Don't lose it over break! There's always the possibility that your computer can crash, or the file can end up corrupted. To avoid this risk, back up your work in the cloud using Temple's free cloud-based storage options:


Tech Bits: Have a #CyberSafeSemester this October - Part 4

To continue with National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) tips, in part 4, we focus on how to keep a clean machine:

  • Make it a practice to install operating system and software updates as they're released. They're important because they include security patches, bug fixes and new features.

    Note: At this time, we recommend not installing the macOS Catalina upgrade because you may encounter compatibility issues with various university applications. We'll let you know when it's okay to install this upgrade.


Tech Bits: Have a #CyberSafeSemester this October - Part 2

It's time for part 2 of our National Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM) Tech Bit. As a reminder, all month long we'll be sharing tips to help you have a #CyberSafeSemester. For this week's tip, learn how to keep your online information secure while on the go.