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Information Technology Services produces technology news items called TECH Bits geared primarily to Temple University faculty and staff. TECH Bits are distributed via e-mail on a weekly basis during the semester. An archive of these messages appears below. For more information about Temple resources, visit the Faculty or Staff websites.

Format: 2021
Format: 2021-09

Tech Bits: Combine the Power of Microsoft Teams and Planner

Tech Bits: Combine the Power of Microsoft Teams and Planner

Are you using Microsoft Planner to manage individual projects or Microsoft Teams to collaborate with others in your work area? While these tools are very useful on their own, you can also combine them for even more effective results.

First, a quick refresher:


Tech Bits: Mark-Up Shared Content in Zoom with Annotation

Ever hosted a Zoom meeting and wanted to mark-up the content on the screen to help identify key items? Try the annotation feature that allows you and your meeting participants to add notes, drawings, and highlights to the content that is shared on your screens. This feature works great to help a team work collaboratively and edit projects like a report or presentation, or to show steps on how to solve an equation, like you would on a whiteboard.

Enabling Annotation

To get started, enable Annotation in your Zoom account:


Tech Bits: Customize Your Zoom Settings

Make the most of your meetings by taking advantage of Zoom's latest options. To personalize the new options, first make sure that you have the latest version of Zoom installed on your computer by following the steps below.

Obtaining the Latest Version of Zoom


Tech Bits: Add a Profile Photo to Your Online Presence

Now that we are studying and working remotely, getting to know one another has become a bit of a challenge. Consider adding a profile photo to your Temple apps to help people learn more about you:

Add a Profile Photo to Zoom


Tech Bits: Personalize Your Temple Email Address

Want to customize your email alias? You can do so by creating an alias or nickname. Although it appears to be a separate email address, messages are still sent to your existing email account.

To create or update an alias, log in to TUportal, click the Home tab and click Cherry and White Update under TUapplications. You may then need to click Update your entry.

You can also go to and click Update your entry.