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Information Technology Services produces technology news items called TECH Bits geared primarily to Temple University faculty and staff. TECH Bits are distributed via e-mail on a weekly basis during the semester. An archive of these messages appears below. For more information about Temple resources, visit the Faculty or Staff websites.

Format: 2019
Format: 2019-10

Tech Bits: Try Out the Lookup Feature in Office Documents (Faculty & Staff)

If you're working on a document in Word, Excel or PowerPoint 2016 and you're not sure about using a word or reference or particular terminology, stay in the program and try out Smart Lookup:

Highlight the word, right click and select Smart Lookup.


Highlight the word, click Review on the menu and then Smart Lookup.


Tech Bits: Clear Your Smartphone Cache to Improve Browser Performance (Faculty & Staff)

To keep web browser performance running smoothly on your smartphone, it’s a good idea to periodically clear out the browser cache (pronounced cash). The cache is a holding area where your phone temporarily places web pages that you've viewed.

The web browser also saves cookies, such as your shopping preferences for various web sites, and a history of the web addresses you have visited.

As the cache fills up, it can slow down your browser's performance. To resolve this issue, do some digital housekeeping by following the instructions below:



Tech Bits: Share Screens During Your Online Meeting (Students)

In a previous Tech Bit, we featured how to set up a quick online meeting and share out the meeting computer screen with a classmate(s). Building on that topic, learn now how your classmate(s) can share their screen(s) too by “passing the ball.”


Tech Bits: Does Your Phone Have the Latest Update?

Apple and Google release software updates for your smartphone on a regular basis. It's important that you install these updates because they include security patches, bug fixes and new features.

At least once a month, check to see if you need to install any updates:



Tech Bits: Are You Putting Your Personal Information at Risk?

When you've finished using a computer in a conference/class room or shared space, just closing the browser is not enough.

For security reasons, it is important to actually log off when you're done so others can't open the browser and get into your accounts.

This is critical when you use a computer to access email, work-related systems, social media or other private accounts.

To avoid putting your information at risk, follow these three steps when you're finished:


Tech Bits: Use Google Photos to Store Your Smartphone Photos & Videos

Looking for a new way to manage and organize your smartphone photos and videos? Download the new photo gallery app from Google called Google Photos.

The app automatically backs up your photos and videos, allowing you to free up storage space on your smartphone. Choose a storage size: unlimited free storage (for phones and point-and-shoot cameras) or limited free storage (for higher resolution cameras).


Tech Bits: Set Up a Quick Online Meeting (Faculty & Staff)

Ever find out at the last minute that a colleague can't be on campus to attend a meeting? Follow the steps below to use an online conferencing program called WebEx. With WebEx, your colleague can simply join in the discussion and see the meeting computer screen.

Get Audio Ready

For a quick audio setup, let your colleague know the number of the meeting room phone so he or she can call in. You can also call your colleague using a phone that has a speaker.

Set Up WebEx