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TECH Center General Lab

The TECH Center general lab areas offer PC and Mac workstations, with local print stations, popular software programs, and cable television streams to each computer desktop. 


The TECH Center general lab areas offer PC and Macintosh workstations, with local print stations, popular software programs, and cable television streams to each computer desktop. The TECH Center lab is located on the 2nd Floor of the TECH Center, on 12th Street near Montgomery Avenue. 


The TECH Center features the following resources:

  • a student computer center with 700 computers, including up to 600 fixed workstations, 100 wireless loaner laptops, and many high-speed duplex and color specialty printers
  • 13 breakout rooms and 2 MediaScape tables for collaboration and group study
  • specialized labs including specialty printing, video editing, recording booths, multimedia studio, graphic design, music composition, advanced technology lab, and "quiet" zones
  • social space for students with lounge areas and plasma TVs
  • 24-hour Help Desk for students, faculty, and staff

Live Seating Map

Check out the current computer usage in the TECH Center using the live, interactive seating map


To use the TECH Center:

  • Upon entering, students and employees must swipe their Temple ID cards
  • Use your AccessNet username and password to log in to lab workstations and log off upon completion of work.
  • You must save your files on OWLbox or an external flash/hard drive; items saved on the desktop will be deleted upon logging off.

If you have questions, visit the consultant desk on the 2nd floor.

Tip: When working late, consider using the Owl Loop and TU R Door evening shuttle services.

Requirements and Policies

The following populations are eligible to use the TECH Center:

  • Current students (for-credit only), faculty, staff of Temple University
  • Recent Temple graduates (up to one full year following graduation)
  • First-year graduates must sign in with their AccessNet ID and password at the "Authentication Station."
  • Students are permitted to sign in one guest to enter the lab. Guests will need to have a state-issued form of identification. Guests must abide by all Temple University and Information Technology Services policies. Guests may not use the computers due to licensing restrictions.

Additional policies:

  • General use of the TECH Center is free to eligible users.
  • All workstations, including specialty labs, are available on a first-come, first-served basis
  • Computers are for academic, non-profit use only; commercial use of equipment is not permitted.
  • Use of the TECH Center is intended for individual work only. Classes are not scheduled in the TECH Center.
  • Information Technology Services is not responsible for lost work or data, or for damage to any peripheral devices attached to TECH Center computers.
  • Individual labs (Specialty Labs, Quiet Lab, etc.) may have additional rules other than those listed here. These will be posted inside the appropriate room.
  • Photography/videography within the TECH Center is prohibited unless written permission is obtained in advance from TECH Center management.   Students who wish to shoot photos or videos for a class assignment must request permission at least 48 hours in advance.
  • Distribution of literature, flyers, or posting of notices in the TECH Center is strictly prohibited. Solicitation of any kind is prohibited.
  • Setup of information tables, collection boxes, etc. in the TECH Center is prohibited. TECH Center resources (such as breakout rooms) may not be used for commercial activities.
  • Cell phone usage is permitted in lounge areas. If you need to make a call, please move to one of the lounge areas. Please keep your voice at a moderate volume and be considerate of those around you who may be studying. If you cannot keep your voice at a moderate level, you may be asked to end your call or leave the facility.
  • Students/staff with small children who are disruptive will be asked to the leave the facility.
  • Children are not permitted to use the computer equipment. With the exception of authorized tour groups, children are not permitted in the lab during peak usage periods.
  • Use of stairs other than the main entrance of the lab is for emergency exit only.
  • Food is not permitted in the computer areas, including the general use computer labs, specialty labs, and breakout rooms. Covered beverages (with lids or caps) are permitted in all areas, with exception of the Multimedia Studio and Recording Booths.  Food and drink are permitted in the 2nd floor lobby/lounge area, and in the Internet Zone. 
  • Information Technology Services reserves the right to remove users from the labs and/or prohibit future use of the labs if individuals abuse the rooms, disturb others in the lab, or violate policies.

By logging onto a TECH Center computer, you agree to abide by all Information Technology Services policies.