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TECH Center Recording Booths

Learn more about the resources and equipment available in the Recording Booths in the TECH Center. 


The recording booths are located in the TECH Center, Room 215-J, near the Macintosh blue lab.

TECH Center recording booths offer students a private, acoustically treated environment to record podcasts, vocal narrations, voiceovers and other individual recording sessions. 


Three recording booths are available. Equipment includes:

  • a prefabricated, acoustically treated environment
  • Booths A-C vary in size; 1-3 people per booth; Booth C is wheelchair accessible 
  • an iMac
  • a microphone
  • a mixer
  • professional-grade recording software


To reserve a booth, go to You can also reserve a booth by visiting the TECH Center Consultant’s Desk or by calling 215-204-9898. 

  • There is a brief guide in each booth with general instructions.
  • The recording is available only to currently registered Temple University students.

Requirements and Policies

  • The recording booths are available only to currently registered Temple University students, faculty, and staff.
  • Information Technology Services reserves the right to remove users from the labs and/or prohibit future use of the labs if individuals abuse the rooms, disturb others in the lab, or violate policies.
  • By logging onto a TECH Center computer, you agree to abide by all Information Technology Services policies.