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TECH Center Specialty Labs

The TECH Center features six labs with space and/or specialized equipment and software. 


  • Two video editing labs with DV decks, video editing software (i.e. Final Cut Pro), dual displays, etc.
  • Audio editing lab with M-boxes, music composition software and audio editing software (i.e. pro tools). 
  • Graphics lab with CAD software (i.e. Auto CAD, Rhino), engineering software (i.e. SolidWorks, Trane) and other specialty software. 
  • Two quiet study labs with separates carrels for students working individually.


  • Upon entering the TECH Center, students and employees must swipe their Temple ID cards.
  • Use your AccessNet username and password to log in to lab workstations and log off upon completion of work.
  • You must save your files on OWLbox or an external flash/hard drive; items saved on the desktop will be deleted upon logging off. 
  • If you have questions, visit the consultant desk on the 2nd floor.

Requirements and Policies

  • Specialty labs are available only to currently registered Temple University students??
  • Specialty labs are reserved for specific activities. If you wish to use a computer for general-purpose activities (word processing, web browsing, etc.), please use a computer in the general-use labs. Persons who are not performing these reserved activities may be asked to relocate.
  • Users of the labs must be respectful of others working in the rooms. Noise should be kept to a minimum. Cell phone use is prohibited; if you wish to use a cell phone, you should go to a lounge area.
  • Food is not permitted in the rooms; however, covered or capped beverages are permitted.
  • Information Technology Services reserves the right to remove users from the labs and/or prohibit future use of the labs if individuals abuse the rooms, disturb others in the lab, or violate policies.
  • By logging onto a TECH Center computer, you agree to abide by all Information Technology Services policies.