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Tech Resources for Working Remotely

Learn about various Temple resources available for working from off campus. If you have questions or need assistance with these resources, please contact the Help Desk.

Latest Developments

  • Zoom Breakout Rooms: Give your participants the chance to break into groups during your Zoom meeting. Learn more in our Tech Bit.
  • Enhanced Zoom Security: Learn about a new Security button in Zoom offering options that you can use while you're hosting a meeting.
  • Protect Your Meeting: Learn two ways to protect your meetings from Zoom bombing. For details, see our Tech Bits on setting authentication and the waiting room option.
  • Remote Proxy Tip: if your mouse cursor disappears or freezes at any point during your Remote Proxy session, log off and then log back in to resolve this. ITS is looking into this issue.
  • Zoom Tip: There is enormous traffic on the Internet. If you are experiencing inconsistent audio or video transmission with Zoom, try moving your computer closer to your router.

What do I need to work from home?

How do I forward my office phone? Are there other phone tips for working at home?

To learn how to:
- receive calls made to your office phone
- make a call appear to come from your office  phone,
- reset your your voicemail passcode, and
- retrieve your messages via email,

see Tech Bits: Useful Phone Tips for Working from Home.

How do I access my office Windows computer from my Windows or Mac computer at home?

Temple has just set up a new remote access service for faculty and staff to access their office Windows computer from their Windows or Mac computer at home. To use this service, please follow the instructions on the remote proxy website.

I brought my work computer home. Is there way to access my work files on the departmental drives?

Yes. If you do not have a system at Temple to access your work files, you can do so through a remote ready computer on campus. You can request this service through Instructions will then be provided on how to connect via

What software is available for my home computer?

  • You can download and install Microsoft 365 for Windows and Mac on up to five PCs or Macs via the Microsoft Download link under on TUportal under TUapplications.
  • You can also download the entire Adobe Creative Cloud and get apps such as Photoshop, InDesign, Acrobat Pro and Illustrator via the Adobe Creative Cloud link on TUportal under TUapplications.

What tools can I use to collaborate and communicate?

  • Zoom is Temple's primary web and video conferencing system. You can set up meetings and share computer screens for real-time collaboration. You can also record your session.
    To access Zoom, go to To learn more and get started, see the online training videos and documentation.
  • Telephone Conferencing – For group calls of up to 20 participants, you can use make use of telephone conferencing (also called a bridge or audio conferencing). For information on how budget unit heads can request this service, see the Audio Conferencing page. 
    Information Technology Services will process the request and provide the conference bridge details, including the toll free number and leader and participant codes. Please note that there is no access or setup fee but there is a usage charge. Also, the conference bridge must be used at least once within six months to remain active.
  • Microsoft Teams allows you create a collaborative workspace and add members. Once you form your team, you can post messages, chat and share and live-edit files. It's very helpful for working on projects with other staff members.
    To access Teams, go to and log in with your AccessNet and password. Note that the first time you login, you may have to first enter your AccessNet username email address and then select work or school account before you login.
    To learn more about Teams, see the Teams Getting Started page. You can also download the Teams desktop or mobile app.
  • Microsoft Planner allows you to create a visual dashboard of your project components and their statuses in one convenient place. You can share the dashboard too.
    To access Planner, go to and log in with your AccessNet and password. Note that the first time you login, you may have to first enter your AccessNet username email address and then select work or school account before you login.

    To get started, see the Tech Bits on this topic, Part 1 and Part 2. Also see the Microsoft Planner website for more details.

  • File Sharing – Use OneDrive and Microsoft Teams to share and collaborate on files.
  • Microsoft Forms are a quick ways to create a form in a hurry. Get staff feedback or consensus or recruit project volunteers through a sign-up sheet. To learn how, see the Tech Bit on Microsoft Forms.