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Telephones and Voicemail - Voice over IP

Learn about Temple's VoIP landline telephones and voicemail.


The Office of Telecommunications is in the process of upgrading Temple's landline telephones with phones using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology. VoIP offers enhanced features, such as the ability to support multiple calls at one time, as well as limited conference calling.

Not sure if you are using a VoIP telephone? 
If your name appears on the display panel while your telephone is not in use, this indicates you are using a VoIP telephone.

Note: If you are using a standard phone, see Telephone Landline or Employee Voicemail.

Requesting Instructions


Installation and monthly costs vary depending on the telephone type. Information about charges for service, installation, and expedited services is available on the Rates page. Equipment rates are also included on this page.

The cost is included in the monthly telephone charge. 


You must:

  • be an authorized employee or guest of Temple University
  • work at a property owned by Temple University
  • receive Approval from the requestor's budget unit head or business manager
  • provide a FOAPAL
  • provide the building and room number for the service

Voicemail is only available on telephones installed by the Office of Telecommunications. The following persons are eligible:

  • Temple University faculty and staff
  • Temple University student organizations

Submit Request

Log in to the TUhelp website, click the Request Service tab, select Telecommunications and then Office Landline Telephone. Then, complete the form and click Submit Request.

Please plan on a period of 15 business days for your order to be completed. Depending on the current workload, each order item can be expedited for an additional charge based on two time frames:

  • 1-3 business days
  • 4-7 business days

For ordering assistance, call 4-HELP or 215-204-7549 during normal business hours: Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Telephone Instructions

Reference Guides

Quick Reference Guides

Detailed Reference Guide

Placing a Call

For external calls, first press 9 to get an outside line. 

For internal calls, you can dial a campus prefix followed by the four-digit extension:

Location Internal Ext. Full Ext.
Main Campus & TUCC 1-xxxx 9-215-204-xxxx
HSC, Episcopal & TASB 2-xxxx 9-215-707-xxxx
Ambler & Fort Washington 3-xxxx 9-267-468-xxxx
HSC, TASB, Episcopal & Northeastern 7-xxxx 9-215-926-xxxx
Student Residences & Tyler School of Art 8-xxxx 9-215-777-xxxx

Important Phone Numbers

  • Temple University Campus Safety: 1-1234 or 215-204-1234
  • Temple University directory assistance: 1-7000 or 215-204-7000

Voicemail Instructions

Access Your Voicemail

  • From your phone: Press the Voice Mail key or dial *62. Then enter your passcode followed by the # key.
  • From another phone: Dial 1-9599 (on-campus) or 215-204-9599 (off-campus). Then follow the prompts to enter your mailbox ID (your internal five-digit phone number) followed by the # key and passcode followed by the # key.

Create a Personal Greeting

  1. Press the Voice Mail key. Then enter your passcode followed by the # key.
  2. Press 1 and perform one or more of the following:
    • Press 2 to create a busy greeting for when you are on the phone.
    • Press 3 to create a no answer greeting when you are away from your desk.

Retrieve Your Messages

From your phone

  1. Press the Voice Mail key or dial *62.
  2. Enter your passcode followed by the # key.
  3. Press 1.
  4. Press 1.

From another phone

  1. Dial 1-9599 (on-campus) or 215-204-9599 (off-campus).
  2. Follow the prompts to enter your mailbox ID (your internal five-digit phone number) followed by the # key and passcode followed by the # key.
  3. Press 1.
  4. Press 1.

Retrieve Your Messages Via Email

Because you are using a Voice over IP phone, you now have the option of forwarding your voicemail messages to your Temple email account. The sender will appear as and the message will contain a sound file attachment with the extension .wav. When you open the message, you can then play/download the attachment.

You can choose the email option for your voicemail when your department is switched over from the old phone system to Voice over IP. Faculty and staff can also request this option by logging into the TUhelp website, clicking on the Request Service tab, selecting Telecommunications and then Voicemail.

After selecting the voicemail file attachment, you may be prompted to Download the file or Connect more apps. In this case, select Download. Then, if prompted, open the file with Windows Media Player (PC) or iTunes (Mac). For iPhones/iPads no addtional steps are needed. For Android devices, you may need to download an audio player app from the Google Play store to hear the message.

Quick Reference Card

Using Voicemail On Your VoIP Phone

Menu Navigation

  • Play Messages Menu (After Listening to Message)
    Wait until the end of the message. Then refer to the options below:
    # - Save message
    7 - Erase message
    2 - Play or repeat message; skip envelope
    4 - Play previous message (if available)
    5 - Play message envelope
    6 - Play next message (if available)
    8 - Call back caller
    9 - Hear additional options
    * - Return to previous menu
  • Play Messages Menu (While Listening to Message)
    While you are listening to a message, make a selection below:
    1 - Skip backward 3 seconds
    2 - Pause/resume playback
    3 - Skip forward 3 seconds
    4 - Skip to beginning of message
    6 - Skip to end of message
  • Review Message Menu (After Leaving Voicemail)
    After leaving a voicemail message for someone, make a selection below:
    1 - Erase message and record again
    2 - Listen or view current message
    3 - Hang up to send message
    6 - Set or clear the urgent indicator
    7 - Set or clear the confidential indicator
    * - Cancel recording and transfer to your voice portal password prompt
    # - Repeat menu

Forwarding Your Phone

To forward your phone number to another phone, perform one of the options below:

  • TUportal Method
    Log in to TUportal and click Telecom Self Service on the left. Next, click the Telephone tab and select Call Forwarding. Follow the instructions to add the forwarding number, select the day and time you would like it to end and click Save Changes. You will receive an email confirmation letting you know that forwarding is enabled or disabled. 
    Note: To use this method, your phone number must be listed as your Direct Phone in the Cherry & White Pages. To add your phone number as a Direct Phone:
    1. Log in to TUportal , click Staff Tools and select Addresses and Phones on the lower right portion of the screen.
    2. Make sure your phone number is listed as a Direct Phone. If you need to delete or change this number, make sure Two Step is set to NO. Then click the pencil icon to make changes or the Trash icon to delete the phone. 
    3. To add a phone, click the Add Phone button and follow the prompts. Make sure to select Direct Phone next to Phone Type.
    Once your phone is added as Direct Phone, scroll down to the Your Cherry and White Directory Information section and make sure the phone is selected next to Direct Phone.
  • Office Phone Method
    The instructions below must be performed on your office phone before you leave the office to work remotely. 
    - Enable call forwarding:
    1. Press *72 followed by the telephone number to which calls should be forwarded.
    2. Then press the pound sign (#).
    - Disable call forwarding: 
    1. Press *73


Q: What is the storage limit for voicemail?

A: The storage limit depends on the way your voicemail was set up. If you retrieve messages by phone, there is a 30 minute storage limit for your messages. If you retrieve messages by email, there is no storage limit. 

Q: Can I forward my VoIP voicemail to a colleague's standard phone?

A: No, you can only forward messages to another VoIP phone. Similarly, a person using a standard phone cannot forward voicemail messages to a VoIP phone.

Q: I am locked out of my voicemail because I entered an incorrect password too many times. Is there a way I can reset my password?

A: Yes, TUportal has an option for resetting your voicemail password:

  1. Log in to TUportal and click the Telecom Self Service link on the left.
  2. On the Welcome to Telecom Self Service page, click the Telephone menu and select Reset Voice Mail Passcode.
  3. Click the three check boxes under "I Understand." Then click the Click Here to Reset Voice Mail Passcode button.
  4. You will receive a new temporary password via email. When you dial-in to your voice mail using this password, you will be prompted to set a new password.


For questions or assistance, call 8-8647 (8-VOIP) from on campus or 215-777-8647 (215-777-VOIP) from off campus.