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Temple Office Supply Exchange (TOSS)

Pickup or drop off excess office supplies


Started as a pilot project by the Computer Recycling Center, TOSS is designed to aggregate surplus office supplies and make them available to Temple University administrators, faculty, and staff.  This initiative has turned into a joint effort between the Office of Sustainability and the Computer Recycling Center to make the University a more sustainable operation environmentally and financially.


  • All current Temple students, faculty and staff with an OWLcard can drop off or pick up office supplies Monday-Friday 9am-4pm at the Office of Sustainability.  
  • To visit the TOSS, visit the Office of Sustainability on the ground floor of the Student Activities Center. 
  •  Items can also be sent via interoffice mail by addressing envelopes to: Office of Sustainability
  • You also can arrange to have facilities drop off boxed up, excess office supplies by filling out a Facilities work request and delivering to Pearson Hall 142 (CRC).


  • This service is offered for university community use only.
  • The TOSS program is only ran out of the Office Sustainability location and is no longer on the 3rd floor of the TECH Center.
  • Pick up is on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • You may only take limited quantities for personal use or for departmental use.  Quantities may be limited at the discretion of the TOSS staff.
  • If you have specific questions please email