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The Creative Cloud Desktop App is your central tool for installing the other Adobe Creative Cloud apps, managing your online storage and managing your account. To install this app, perform the steps below:


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7 Steps

  1. Method 1: If you are still on the Adobe Creative Cloud page in TUportal after your subscription has been processed, click the Access Adobe Creative Cloud button, which appears at the bottom of the page. Then proceed to step 3. (To return to this page, log in to TUportal and under TUapplications, click Adobe Creative Cloud).
  2. Method 2: Follow the instructions in the confirmation email that Adobe will send you.
  3. Your first name will now appear on the left with a menu of options. Under Creative Cloud Apps, click Desktop Downloads.
  4. Scroll down to the Creative Cloud app near the bottom of the screen and click Download.
  5. Follow the prompts to install the app, which will vary depending on your browser. If you are using Chrome on a Windows computer, a prompt will appear at the lower-left corner of your window to Keep or Discard the file. Click Keep.
  6. An Adobe Creative Cloud icon will now appear in the same location on your screen. Click this icon.
  7. The Adobe Creative Cloud app now appears. You can now use this app to install the other Creative Cloud apps. To install an app, click the Install or Update button. For more information, see the Adobe Creative Cloud desktop app help page. Note: To access the Creative Cloud app in the future, click the Creative Cloud icon, located in the taskbar (Windows) or Apple menu bar (Mac OS).