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9 Steps

  1. Go to the website. Then Enter your and click Next.
  2. If prompted to select a Work or school account or Personal account, click Work or school account.
  3. Enter your AccessNet username and password. Then click Login.
  4. At the Stay signed in? prompt:   - If you are working on your personal computer, check the Don’t show this again box and click Yes.    - If you are working on a public computer, such as in a computer lab, click No.  
  5. From your Temple University Office 365 Portal, click your profile on the upper-right corner of the screen Then click My account.
  6. Click Subscriptions on the menu that appears on the left-side of the screen.
  7. Under Office apps & devices, click View apps & devices.
  8. Click the down arrow next to DEVICES to view all the devices on which Office 365 is installed. 
  9. To sign out of an Office 365 installation on any of your devices, click Sign out.  Note: Signing out does not remove the Office 365 software from your computer. It only frees up an Office 365 license to be used on a different computer.