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The following steps explain how to connect for the first time. You can also watch our new Get Connected using a Mac video.

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2 Steps

  1. Click the Wi-Fi icon and select TUresnet.
  2. Perform the following: a) Enter your AccessNet username and password. b) Make sure Remember this network is selected.  c) Click Join.


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  1. When accessing the TUresnet network for the first time using a new Apple Mac, open a web browser and go to Your browser will be redirected automatically to TUconnect and you will be prompted to install the ClearPass OnGuard security program.   This program ensures your computer has an approved antivirus software application. Make sure to turn on the Mac firewall.   Your Internet connection will be available once ClearPass OnGuard is installed and verifies that your firewall/antivirus software is up to date.