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Perform Live Capture Using the EnsembleLive App

The EnsembleLive app is a live audio/video streaming application for smartphones and tablets. The instructions below explain how to set up the EnsembleLive mobile app, so you can broadcast on-the-go from any location. Using this app, will also record live content to your Ensemble Video media library while streaming live audio/video in real-time.

The EnsembleLive app works on Android and Apple devices (iPhones/iPads running iOS 8 and above).

Set Up Your EnsembleLive Container

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12 Steps

  1. Download the EnsembleLive app from one of the following locations:   a) Ensemble support page b) iPhone/iPad (iTunes Store) c) Android Devices (Google Play Store)
  2. Click Live Stream in the left navigation pane. Then click Live capture.
  3. In the Description tab, enter a title, as well as optional descriptive information. Then click Continue.  
  4. In the Manage Stream tab, click Continue.
  5. In the Publish tab, optionally select one or more playlists to include in the live capture. Then click Publish.
  6. In the list of live Streams, click the EnsembleLive App button below the live capture video you just created.
  7. Share or click the Launch URL:   - Select Option 1 if you are on a computer want to send an email to your mobile device. Then proceed to step 8.   - Select Option 2 if you are on your mobile device. Then skip to step 11.
  8. Send the Launch URL email to your mobile device
  9. Open the EnsembleLive Launch URL email on your mobile device.
  10. Tap the Launch URL to open EnsembleLive App.
  11. Tap Yes when prompted to overwrite settings.  
  12. You are done! Tap the red Stream button to start streaming and recording in Ensemble Video!