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Posting to a blog

How to post to a blog

A variety of optional features, such as deleting and posting, are available for blogs. If you cannot access a particular feature, verify that your instructor included it in the blog.

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5 Steps

  1. From the course menu, select the content area where your instructor created the blog. Then, click the link to the blog.
  2. At the blog name window, click Create Blog Entry.
  3. At the Create Blog Entry window, you can enter a title and an entry message. You also have the option to attach a file from your computer to the entry. 
  4. After you've entered your content, click Post Entry. Note: Various options are available for formatting your entry.
  5. After you Post Entry, the next screen will confirm that your blog has been created. The details of you submission will appear on the right side of the screen, and your blog will appear on the left.