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Purchase and Install NuoRDS

Note: If you plan to access a Mac in your office, you will need to purchase a software product called NuoRDS. Temple offers a 25% discount off the retail price of the product. To obtain the discount code, go to the Temple site and log in. You can use a Temple Purchasing Card (TPC) to purchase the software, as described below.

Perform the following steps on your office computer:


I. Purchase and Download NuoRDS

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7 Steps

  1. Log in to Temple's download site and click the NuoRDS link to obtain a 25% discount code for the product. 
  2. Go to and select Buy Now.
  3. Select the Personal (1 User/1 Server) license type. Make sure to enter the Temple discount code (from step 1) and complete the remaining fields in the form. You can use a Temple Purchasing Card (TPC) to purchase the software. When finished, click Complete your order at the bottom of the page.
  4. You will receive a registration email with an account activation link, software download link, and the license file as an attachment. (Check your junk/spam folder if you do not receive the email within a couple of minutes.) In this message, click the link under Step 1. Activate your account.
  5. A webpage will appear, prompting you to create a password. Create a password for your account and click Activate My Account.
  6. You will be notified that your account has been activated. Note that you do not need to log in to your account and can leave this page.
  7. Go back to the email message and click one of the links listed under Step 2: Install NuoRDS Server software to download the software.  Also, download the NuoRDS-License.lic file attachment.

II. Install NuoRDS

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19 Steps

  1. Go to the Downloads folder on your Mac. To do this, click the Desktop. Then click the Go menu and select Downloads. 
  2. Double-click the NuoRDS_Server_Mac_setup***.dmg file.
  3. Double-click the NuoRDS Setup icon.
  4. If a security prompt appears, click Open.
  5. Click Go to install NuoRDS.
  6. Read the Software License Agreement and click Yes, Accept this Agreement.
  7. If prompted, enter your Mac password and click OK.
  8. If you are notified that the system extension was blocked, click Open Security Preferences. Otherwise, skip to step 10.
  9. Click Allow next to System software from developer “NUOMIX LTD” was blocked from loading. Then close the Security & Privacy window.
  10. If you are using macOS Mojove, click Open System Preferences. Otherwise, skip to step 14.
  11. Click the lock icon on the lower-left corner of the Security & Privacy window.
  12. Enter your Mac password and click Unlock.
  13. Click the box next to NuoRDS Agent so that a check mark appears.Then close the Security & Privacy window.
  14. Click Next to install your license.
  15. Click Load from File.
  16. Open the NuoRDS-License.lic attachment. In most cases, it will be in the Downloads or Documents folder: 1. Click the Desktop. 2. Click the Go menu and select Downloads or Documents. 3. Click the NuoRDS-License.lic attachment from the activation email and select Open.
  17. The license should load and changes should be reflected in the license manager field. Click Close.
  18. If prompted to make Post Install Adjustments, click Skip.
  19. Click Finish to restart your computer.

III. Configure NuoRDS

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4 Steps

  1. After the Mac restarts, log in and click the NuoRDS icon on the top right portion of the menu bar. Then, select Server Preferences.  
  2. Click the lock icon to make administrative changes. 
  3. If prompted, enter your Mac password and click OK.
  4. Select General Service on the left navigation menu. Then select Hide the user session and click Apply Changes. Next, close the NuoRDS window.