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Regain Access to OWLbox after Returning to Temple

If you came back to Temple after graduating or leaving for any other reason, you may see an "Invalid Credentials" message when trying to access OWLbox. If this occcurs, contact the Help Desk by submitting a TUhelp request or call 215-204-8000. The Help Desk will then contact you when your account is ready to be accessed. After you are contacted, perform the steps below to regain access to OWLbox.


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6 Steps

  1. Log in to the OWLbox website.
  2. You will be notified that you have Invalid Login Credentials. On the bottom of this page, click Sign in with Google.
  3. On the Google sign in page, enter (for example, and click Next.
  4. In the Temple University Login page, enter your Accessnet username and password and click Login.
  5. Your files will now appear. Note that the screen is blue. The following status bar at the top of this page: You have been requested to join the Temple University Enterprise Network: Accept or Reject. Click Accept.
  6. Your OWLbox files will now appear. Note that the screen is now red instead of blue.