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Syncing a Shared Folder with the OneDrive App

Syncing a Folder with the OneDrive App

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4 Steps

  1.  Go to and click OneDrive.
  2. To view files others have shared with you, click Shared on the left navigation pane and make sure Shared with you is selected at the top of the page.
  3. Click a folder to view the contents.
  4. Click Sync near the top of the screen to initiate the process of syncing the shared folder with your OneDrive app.

Accessing the Folder

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3 Steps

  1. When notified the sync is complete, open the OneDrive app by clicking the File Explorer icon () on the taskbar (Windows) or the Finder icon () on the Dock (macOS).
  2. Below the OneDrive - Temple University icon on the left, a new Temple University icon will appear. Click this icon.
  3. Your shared folders will then appear. Click a shared folder to display the contents.   To learn more about the the status icons, see "Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand" for Windows 10 or Mac.