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TUcloud Virtual Servers

TUcloud offers the latest and 1 prior supported version of Windows and Red Hat Server. 

All virtual systems include optional system monitoring and reporting via Information Technology Services’ e-mail and paging monitoring systems. All virtual systems are secured and ready for Internet connectivity when they’re brought online. Once the system is available, the customer is able to install and maintain their applications. Other operating system configurations for virtual machines are possible, at additional charge, but Information Technology Services will not support them beyond having them up and running.

Network connectivity for all servers is 1Gb/s switched, and DNS (Domain Name Server) entries for machines may be customer-defined. All TUcloud virtual servers include the daily backup of data as well as retention for a minimum of 14 days. Virtual servers may be accessed by customer system administrators using our remote console (KVM) connectivity. Virtual servers are perpetual and will be maintained in the TUcloud environment for as long as requested; there is no 5-year hardware life expectancy, as there is on physical hardware.