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TUcloud Service Level Agreement

Effective Dates and Issuing Authority

Title:     TUcloud Service Level Agreement
Effective Date:  June 24, 2010
Date Last Reviewed: January 9, 2013
Date Scheduled for Review:  January 2014
Issuing Authority:   Associate Vice President of Infrastructure, Operations
and Security

Purpose of this Document

This is a Service Level Agreement (SLA) between the University community and the Information Technology Services (ITS) Department to document:

  • The technology services related to the TUcloud environment offered by ITS
  • The general levels of response, availability, and maintenance associated with these services
  • The responsibilities of ITS as the provider of these services and of clients receiving services
  • Processes for requesting services

TUcloud Service Level Agreement

The TUcloud SLA is a formal agreement between Information Technology Services, the Service Provider and the user, The Customer, of the TUcloud service.

For complete information, visit the TUcloud service catalog article.

Or send e-mail to the TUcloud group at:

Service Provider Responsibilities

Information Technology Services' responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:

  • Meet response times associated with the priority assigned to incidents and service requests.
  • Generate quarterly reports on service level performance when requested.
  • Appropriately notify Customer for all scheduled maintenance via web page and/or e-mail or phone call.
  • Implement defined processes to deliver these service levels.
  • Monitor/test for security quality assurance issues and alert the customer.

Customer Responsibilities

Customer responsibilities and/or requirements in support of this Agreement include:

  • Availability of customer representative(s) when resolving a service related incident or request.
  • Communicate specific service availability requirements.
  • Respond/remediate security quality assurance issues.
  • Customer owns the content and associated software customization where platform and infrastructure as a service is provided

TUcloud Availability

TUcloud strives for 99.9% availability during any monthly billing cycle (excluding planned maintenance). This is equivalent to being down less than 43.2 minutes per month. However, there may be situations outside of our control that can impact the availability of TUcloud. Examples of such situations include, and are not limited to:

  • power outages
  • localized or enterprise-wide network outages
  • software failures

The TUcloud environment itself is supported, monitored, and maintained 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year by Information Technology Services’ dedicated staff. However, technical support levels may vary, especially during off-hours periods. Additional coverage may be available, at an additional charge.

It is the goal of Information Technology Services to minimize and/or mitigate the occurrence of events that can reduce or impair the customer’s ability to utilize the system, and to provide prompt support and problem resolution when such events occur. After-hours support will be based on best effort, on all components of TUcloud. Response time for after-hours events will vary depending on the support level available and the particulars of the event. Special arrangements can be made if deemed necessary for specific projects. Note: however, additional charges may apply.

TUcloud System Maintenance

The TUcloud regular maintenance window is scheduled to occur on Monday mornings between 6AM and 8AM. Since TUcloud has been designed with redundancy in mind, there usually should be no impact to services during the maintenance window. In the event there is a chance for services to be impacted, advance notification will be sent, no less than a week prior to the actual date.

Other maintenance times may be needed to address critical events. In such cases, customers with the potential to be impacted will be notified 3 days prior to the scheduled downtime date, assuming the event is not of an emergency nature.  In the event of an emergency, TUcloud may need to be interrupted without notice.

TUcloud Disaster Recovery

If The Customer’s TUcloud service is deemed to be critical to the business of Temple University, it may be a candidate for Level 0 service support, per the University’s Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery guidelines. Additional information on this will be provided when the request for service is made.

Terms of the Agreement

This is a voluntary agreement between the Customer and Information Technology Services for provision of technical server administration services for the TUcloud environment. Any changes to this agreement must be formally approved as an addendum to this agreement by both parties.

Changes in scope, timeliness, or resource requirements may affect the terms of the agreement.

Dispute Resolution

In the event that the either party is dissatisfied with the delivery of services specified in TUcloud, Information Technology Services needs to be contacted immediately so we can work to resolve the service issue.  Information Technology Services places a high priority on ensuring TUcloud is available and functional.


  • Information Technology Services - The cost of all hardware and/or operating system software upgrades, expansions, and improvements is the responsibility of Information Technology Services as part of TUcloud. Information Technology Services will publish a list of all services available and the corresponding prices. Information Technology Services reviews the pricing of TUcloud services on an annual basis in April. Any changes in service prices will be announced at that time, and implemented in July.
  • Customer - The cost of all application software and licensing, as well as application patching, securing, and maintaining the application, and any additional operating requirements for the application, are the responsibility of the TUcloud Customer.
    Information Technology Services will be responsible for patching the operating system and associated utilities.


Changes to this document will be posted on the TUcloud web site. Significant changes to this document will be e-mailed to everyone listed as a TUcloud Customer.


Information Technology Services performs daily backups of TUcloud and will generate reports on backups if requested. The TUcloud Customer is asked to verify backup integrity on a regular basis. As indicated in the Data Protection Policy of the University, Information Technology Services is responsible only for making sure that backups occur as scheduled. Data recovery and verification of data integrity are the sole responsibility of the Customer.  Information Technology Services will assist with recovery tests when requested by the Customer.

Data Center Policies

Temple University polices on physical or electronic access to equipment or services in TUcloud apply to all services offered.