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TUportal Update

On Sunday, July 30, TUportal received a new login page and a new look.

TUportal Update Preview

On the July 29th weekend, TUportal was upgraded with following changes:

New Login Page
New Look
New Functionality

New Login Page

Instead of the TUportal page with the login screen at the top left, horizontal photo banner and current weather...

Screen shot of current TUportal login page will see a Temple University login box with a campus photo in the background:

Screen shot of new Temple University Login Page

New Look

The site will have a more streamlined design consisting of a larger font, new color scheme and red tabs across the top. In addition, there will be a new login page and a few changes in functionality. A preview of the updated site appears below:

Sample of new TUportal screen

New Functionality

Finally, there will also be a few functionality changes:

  • The MyPortal tab will be replaced by the Home tab.
  • Bookmarks and TUlinks will appear together on the lower-left portion of the Home tab screen.
  • The MyTab area will enable you to add/remove RSS feeds.
  • You will no longer be able to change the layout or add/remove channels, columns or tabs.
  • There will be a Help tab instead of the question mark (?) symbol.
  • The Banner - INB link under TUapplications will be renamed Banner Admin (Banner INB).