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TUsafesend provides a secure method for transferring files containing confidential or other sensitive information.


TUsafesend is a Temple University resource that provides a safe, university-sanctioned alternative method to e-mail, which you should never use for sending sensitive/confidential information.

If you have an AccessNet account, you can drop-off files to persons either within Temple or outside of Temple. You will also be able to access additional features and use a more streamlined process.

If you don’t have an AccessNet account, you can drop-off files to persons within Temple University only and you will need to go through a verification process.

A video overview is available for the PC or Mac and the iPad.


File size and retention period

TUsafesend enables you to send up to 19 files at any one time. The total size limit of all the files is 6 GB. For security purposes, files remain encrypted and are stored on the system for 21 days. They are then automatically deleted.

Data restrictions

You can use TUsafesend to securely share data that you and your recipients are currently authorized to access.

Note about HIPAA: You can use TUsafesend to securely share HIPAA (health care/patient information) data. This data should be transferred only if you and the recipients are authorized to see HIPAA data and it is stored in compliance with university HIPAA standards after being transported.

Also, remember that sharing data with someone who is not currently authorized is against university policy. (See the Data Usage, Governance and Integrity Policy for more details.) If you have any questions about sharing, sending, or storing confidential information, please contact the Office of Information Security at 215-204-7088 or send email to


To access TUsafesend, go to If you have an AccessNet username and password, log in.