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Tuttleman Computer Center Software

A comprehensive listing of all the software in the Tuttleman Computer Center appears on this page.

List of Available Software

This table includes the software available in the Tuttleman Computer Center. Each software package is listed alphabetically.

Note: This software list is for general reference only and may be subject to change. New software is added periodically and unused software may be removed. Some software may be metered to limit the number of concurrent users.

If you are traveling any distance to visit the HSC TECH Center for specific software, please call 215-204-0765 to confirm availability.

Software Platform
3ds Max 2020 Windows
ACDLabs Freeware 2016 Windows
Acrobat Reader DC Windows
Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 Windows, Mac
Apache NetBeans IDE 11.1 Windows
ApE Windows
ArcGIS 10.7.1 Windows
Arduino Windows
Atom Windows
Audacity  Windows, Mac
AutoCAD 2020 Windows
Automator Mac
BitviseSSH Client Windows
Blender Mac
Celtx  Windows, Mac
ChemOffice 2018 Windows
Chimera Windows, Mac
Citrix Receiver Windows, Mac
Cn3D  Windows, Mac
Code Windows
EndNote Browser Plugin Windows
EPA SWMM 5.1 Windows
Epson Scan Utility Windows, Mac Scanner PCs
Fetch Mac
Fiji Mac
Firefox Windows, Mac
FSReader 3.0 Windows
GIMP 2.10 Mac
Google Chrome Windows, Mac
Google Earth Pro Windows, Mac
ImageJ  Windows, Mac
Internet Explorer Windows
IrfanView 4.53 Windows
iWorks (ex: Keynote, Pages, etc.) Mac
JAWS 2019 Windows
Jmol Windows
JMP Pro Windows
LISREL 10.20 Student Windows
Mac Accessories (ex: Calculator, Chess, etc.) Mac
Mage  Windows
Mathamatica  Windows, Mac
MATLAB Windows, Mac
MEGA Windows, Mac
Mendeley Windows
Microsoft Office  Windows, Mac
Movie Maker Windows
Mplus Demo Editor Windows
MySQL Shell Windows
NetBeans IDE 8.2 Windows
Node.js Windows
Notepad++ Windows
Odyssey Student 6.1 Windows
Open Office 4 Mac
P  Windows
Photo Gallery Windows
Processing Windows
PuTTy Windows
Python 3.2 & 3.7 Windows
QGIS 3.8 Windows
Windows, Mac
RasWin Windows
Read & Write  Windows, Mac
Revit 2020 Windows
Rhinoceros 6 w/Flamingo 5.5 Windows
Rstudio Windows, Mac
Safari Mac
SALT 16 Windows
SAP Logon Windows
SketchUp 2019 Windows
Snipping Tool Windows
Spartan  Windows, Mac
Spdbv Windows
SPSS Statistics 25 Windows
SQL Developer Windows
SSH Secure Shell Communications Windows
Stella 10.1.2 Mac
SWMM-CAT Windows
Tableau 2019.2 Windows
Tableau Prep Builder Windows
TestGen 4.53 Browser Plugin Windows
Trinity Windows
Virtual T1  Windows
VLC Player Windows, Mac
WebEx Utilities Windows
Windows Accessories (ex: Paint, Snipping Tool, etc.) Windows
Windows Ease of Access Tools Windows
Windows Media Maker Windows
WinTR-55 Windows
XAMPP Windows
Xming/Xlaunch Windows
Zoom Windows
ZoomText 11 Windows
Zotero Windows