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Two Step Verification - Set Up the Duo Mobile App

Explains how to set up the Duo Mobile app after setting up Two Step Verification.

Two Step Verification Overview

To better protect your personal information, Temple is implementing an extra level of security on selected websites called Two Step Verification. It's called Two Step Verification because in order to access these sites, you will need:

  1. your AccessNet username and password 
  2. one or more designated phones to further verify your identity

Two Step Verification is currently used on the TUportal Direct Deposit allocation and Dependents pages. Other websites containing sensitive information will follow.

To learn more, see the ITS Two Step Verification page.

Set Up the Duo Mobile App

Duo Mobile is a free mobile app that enables you to quickly and easily authenticate with one tap or “push” of a button. Unlike texts and phone calls, the app saves Temple significant costs, since there is no charge for using it. 

If you didn't choose to set up the Duo Mobile app when you originally set up your phone for Two Step Verification, see the Duo Mobile page for setup instructions below. 


For assistance with Two Step Verification, contact the Help Desk through the website or call 215-204-8000.