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University-Wide Electronic Communication Guidelines


Many departments would like to communicate with targeted populations of students and/or faculty and staff for a variety of reasons. The options for doing this include:

  • Temple Now
  • TUportal
  • Targeted E-Mail Announcements via Information Technology Services
  • Targeted E-Mail Announcements via Listserv Lists

Temple Now

Temple Now is Temple University’s weekly e-newsletter that keeps faculty, staff, alumni and friends of the university up-to-date about Temple news, announcements and events.

All university email addresses are automatically subscribed to Temple Now. As a member of the Temple community, you are encouraged to read the e-newsletter to stay informed; however, subscription is voluntary, and you may remove yourself from the list at any time.

Temple Now includes news stories about Temple, links to external media outlets that highlight the university and its faculty and staff, and a selection of upcoming events at the university.

Subscribe to Temple Now.

Please email to submit a news item or event to be considered for inclusion in Temple Now.


The TUportal web site allows for two types of announcements:

  • Front Page announcements, which apply to the entire Temple community and appear on the portal login page
  • Targeted announcements, which apply to one of the following audiences (students, faculty, staff [employees and faculty], applicants, or student workers) and appear by clicking on the "MyPortal" tab.

For information about requesting an announcement, go to the Request a Portal Announcement web site.

Targeted Email Announcements

Information Technology Services (ITS) often receives requests to send out announcements to the university through the use of the university listserv system. Targeted mailings sent by ITS on behalf of other offices are restricted to urgent university business announcements. Please be aware of the following if your department is interested in requesting this service:

  • ITS will only send a targeted mailing to large segments of students and employee populations if the message has dean, provost or vice presidential level sponsorship.
  • ITS will not send out announcements regarding individual department offerings, such as events or symposia, new course offerings.
  • Targeted mailings must receive approval from the Office of the Vice President for Information Technology Services, Office of the Provost or the Office of Strategic Marketing and Communications.

University Listserv Lists

One way to effectively reach a large group of individuals is by the use of a listserv list. By sending one message to an address that corresponds to a list of e-mail addresses, mail can be quickly dispersed. Three kinds of lists can be created: official, unofficial, and voluntary.

  • Official Lists
    An official list is one where a particular office has Vice Presidential/Provost level permission to distribute messages to various populations across the university. Individuals cannot remove themselves from official lists. A school or college Deans office may create its own official listserv list where the range of communication is to its own students, staff and faculty. The school/college in charge of the list is responsible for keeping the list updated with addresses. All requests to contact various populations of faculty outside of one's own school/college are directed to Betsy Leebron Tutelman in the Provost's office. The Provost's Office determines whether the announcement is appropriate for wide distribution to faculty.
  • Unofficial Lists
    An unofficial list is one that a student or employee can opt out of. Therefore, e-mail from an unofficial list must provide instructions at the end of its message explaining how to unsubscribe from the list. 
  • Voluntary Lists
    A voluntary list is one to which an individual initiates membership. Anyone can subscribe to a list at Temple that is of interest to them by going to Some lists are configured to restrict membership, so not all the lists at this location are available for open subscription. 

Anyone using a University listserv list (or any other method used to disperse mass mailings) must adhere to the Student Electronic Information (E-mail) Policy and Temple University Computer Usage Policy, as well as to the rules set forth in the Employee Manual, Section 14.9, Voice Mail, Email, Email Lists and Discussion Forums. Messages must also be ADA, FERPA, HIPAA and GLBA compliant. CAN-SPAM compliance is required for voluntary lists. This means including footer information in all messages explaining how to remove oneself from a list.

A request for a new list must be made by a current employee of the university. A student organization's employee sponsor can request a list for a student organization and must ensure that the list is managed when leadership transitions occur within the student organization. All listserv lists must be owned by a current Temple university employee. Additional co-owners can be added by the Temple university employee who owns the list.  If a list is found that no longer has an owner with a faculty or staff e-mail address, the list will be removed.

Any list that remains inactive for more than a year will be removed from the system.

As part of routine system maintenance, list archives older than two years old are automatically removed from the listserv system, unless other arrangements have been made with Information Technology Services.

Attachments should not be sent out to large groups. Instead the attachments should be located on a web site and referenced by the email message to be sent out. (This rule applies to any large mailing.)