To better protect your personal information, Temple provides an extra layer of security called Multi-Factor Authentication. It's called Multi-Factor Authentication because in order to access MFA-protected sites, you will need:

  • your AccessNet username and password 
  • one or more designated phones to further verify your identity

Multi-Factor Authentication IS REQUIRED

Temple requires the use of Multi-Factor Authentication when logging in to all major university websites. These sites include TUportal, TUmail, Canvas, Zoom, Microsoft 365, Adobe Creative Cloud, among many others. There are several compelling reasons for this initiative:

  • Colleges and universities have been subject to cyber phishing attacks. Every year Temple students and employees fall victim to these attacks.
  • The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has revised its safeguard rules to require that students use MFA for accessing financial aid information.
  • The Department of Education highly recommends the use of MFA to protect direct deposits of student financial aid reimbursements.
  • MFA is the simplest and the most effective tool for improving account security. We also recommend using it for any non-Temple services, where offered, that require you to log in.